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The most important goal of Promotion Council North Sea Port is the promotion of the port area of North Sea Port and the services of our participants, both nationally and internationally. Our participants are companies such as stevedores, shipping agents, forwarding and transport specialists, logistic companies, cleaning companies, shipyards, towage & salvage experts and industrial production facilities in the port.


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Participants of North Sea Port Promotion Council

Many of our participants offer port-related services and logistics solutions for all types of goods. They are flexible and reliable, provide high-quality service and make doing business easy. You can find an overview of our participants here. If you are looking for a specific service, please do not hesitate and contact us. We will gladly assist you.

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North Sea Port

Together with the port of Ghent, the Zeeland seaports Vlissingen and Terneuzen form the complete port area of North Sea Port. It is a unique, cross-border port area that has made its way into the top 10 of European ports measured in volume of goods. The port is characterised by its ideal location. The Western Scheldt provides an open connection to the North Sea. The port is strategically located between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. The port’s congestion-free access by road, rail and inland shipping provide safe and swift transport possibilities to the European hinterland.

There are around 500 companies in North Sea Port and they are active in various industries, logistics, transport and maritime services. Many of them are participants of Promotion Council North Sea Port.

For more information about North Sea Port, please visit www.northseaport.com

For more information about North Sea Port, please visit www.northseaport.com.