van Hoorebeke Timber

Van Hoorebeke Timber brings timber from all corners of the world to the heart of Europe and is thus responsible for approximately 25% of sawn timber imports into Belgium. Softwood comes from Russia, North America and the Scandinavian countries. Hardwood is imported from South-East Asia, Brazil and Africa. This raw wood, as well as the other wood products (semi-finished and complex products with wood in various combinations) are distributed on the Belgian and European markets, among professional users, the timber trade and the manufacturing industry.

With 120,000m² of storage space, our own planing mill of 6,000m² and a drenching station, all at the Kluizendok in the port of Ghent, we have centralised all our products and services and can meet the most diverse demands. All this with the necessary quality control in order to ensure an impeccable end product.


Our mission is to be a trusted partner for quality wood & services to create sustainable value for all stakeholders.


Our Vision is to be the preferred (n°1 or 2) wood partner in our selected markets for loyal customers:

  • by offering an appropriate range of top-quality products and overall high-class services 
  • enabled by excellent employees.