Rabobank is a bank by and for customers, a cooperative bank, a socially-responsible bank.

Rabobank is a socially-responsible bank. We are committed to making a substantial contribution towards achieving wealth and prosperity in the Netherlands and to resolving the food issue worldwide. We focus on strengthening our customers and their communities in order to achieve these objectives.

Customer focus

Our customers are at the heart of our existence. We are here first and foremost to help them achieve their ambitions. That's why we seek to realise effective customer contacts and solid long-term relationships by offering suitable products and services.

Through Banking for the Netherlands, we contribute to sustainable welfare and prosperity in the Netherlands


Each one of our business customers has his own special needs. That's why Rabobank shares its knowledge of entrepreneurship. Read more.

Through Banking for Food, we contribute to feeding the world more sustainably, in close cooperation with our international Rural banking operations.

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