MVH Group

Recruitment agency for logistic, technical, administrative and cleaning personnel

MvH is growing. Founder and owner Basiel Martinet and his wife Ingeborg started in 2012 with the secondment of skilled logistics workers: stevedores loaded and unloaded containers on a daily basis. And they still do today! At the agency, a team of 6 ensure that jobseekers can successfully  start their new job at companies in the region.

MvH, truely personal
MvH is proud of the fact that we take good care of our employees. After all, they are the heart of the organization; without them no MVH. In addition to the obvious fact that our employees receive their wages on time, they receive sufficient Personal Protective Equipment and work clothing. In this way, they always appear safely and neatly at our clients.

Personnel available immediately
'Fast'. That is what we often receive as positive feedback on our services. Do you need good, motivated and certified personnel in the short term? MvH has an up-to-date database of active jobseekers. In this way we can switch quickly and provide the customer with the desired staff. Clients can easily leave their request on the website:

Window-shopping and online
At our location in the city center of Hulst, we have the advantage that we have a lot of people entering our office. Job seekers or job changers see our jobs in the window and visit our office for more information. Often they can start the next day! All jobs are on the website: